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The biggest solar park in Catalonia relies on TITAN TRACKER

TITAN TRACKER signs an agreement to supply 2-axis trackers in Flix (Spain)

It is an enlargement of what will be the biggest solar park in Catalonia (Spain) with two-axis tracking technology.

TITAN TRACKER has just arranged an agreement with Flix Solar, from Finances Personals Group, in order to supply 128 two-axis solar trackers with high capacity. The solar park will be located in Flix (Spain) and has scheduled a due date on August 2008. With an overall power of 12 Megawatts, of which 0,8 MW will be on HCPV, it will become one of the biggest two-axis tracking solar parks in Spain.

Flix Solar has relied on innovative technology of TITAN TRACKER because of it excellent performance and reliability, as well as its complete zenithal tracking, increasing considerably return on investment.

The structure and driving system (without hydraulics) are totally independent, which guarantees long life and reliability. The complete zenithal tracking of this technology allows to increase energy production up to 40% with regard to fixed installations.


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